Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Hello again Voyager fans! I’ve promised there will plenty of interesting, Voyager focused, content on this blog this season. And there will be. This blog will focus much more heavily on stories around actual baseball and baseball players than any Voyager blog has in the past. Before we get started though, I also want to give you a little more information about myself. I’ll also try to lay out some of what’s going to be on this blog.

As I said yesterday, I’m Adam Seidel, and I’m extremely excited to be the new voice of your Voyagers.  As a native of Minnesota, I grew up watching the Minnesota Twins dozens of times a year and started learning the game from there. After high school, I moved to Chicago to attend Northwestern University where I ended up finding my way into student sports radio. I broadcast 7 different sports, but baseball has, and always will be, my first love. Baseball occupies a special place in American history and possesses a special charm no other game can quite replicate. I try to never lose sight of that in my broadcasts.

I spent the last two summers broadcasting the Wisconsin Woodchucks of the Northwoods summer baseball league. In many ways, Wausau, WI was a lot like Great Falls. I must say though, I already have Great Fall’s roads figured out much better than I ever did with Wausau’s. The Woodchucks were a great experience, but I’m very happy to have a chance to crack into affiliated pro baseball with the Voyagers. It’s the first time I’ve been to Montana, which has me wondering a little bit how that will affect the game. Are balls going to fly out of the park like crazy with our little bit of extra elevation? Leave a comment below if you have any thoughts.

A little bit more about what to expect from this blog: once the season starts and the players arrive, this is going to be filled with stories about them and the games. Videos, interviews, and all kinds of things to give you an idea what the players are like off the field. Obviously, we’ll focus on different sorts of things before the season starts, but I’m still confident there will be plenty to talk about. To start, I’ll be taking weekly looks around the rest of the White Sox minor league system, highlighting all the former Voyagers of the bunch. This will take up a big chunk of the next couple of weeks as the full season leagues start to break camp in Arizona and different guys are assigned to teams. We’ll keep doing these looks around throughout the season.  I’ll also be working on features like interviews with various former Voyagers and profiles on former Voyagers having exceptional years and careers. Think of an idea like ‘Voyager of the Week.’ Later on, especially leading up to the draft, I’ll be taking a look at the past several drafts of the White Sox as we get primed to see who the team takes. I hope it will give some interesting insight into why the White Sox chose to send us the guys they did. Fridays should be a fun day around here as one of our staff interns will be stepping in for her own weekly feature. We’re hoping to end the week with something a little fun and off the wall. I’ll also talk about some of the really cool stuff we have planned for the ballpark this year – there’s gonna’ be a few events you’ll definitely want to hear about.

This can be a place for you to talk back to me too. If there’s anything you’d like to see on the blog or you want to discuss anything I brought up in a post, leave a note in the comments below. I’ll try to answer anything you guys put out there!

That’s all for now. Over the next couple of days, I’ll be taking a look at what former Voyagers are up to near the end of spring training and any position battles going on throughout the system. It should be a fun look down Voyager memory lane! See you around!


Hi Adam,

As a fan for many years of the Voyagers, I know one thing that I would like to see since they are a big draw for Great Falls would be a weekly interview show like on ESPN Radio and even a show on one of the local TV stations (KRTV or KFBB) and maybe call it “Rounding the Bases with the Voyagers” (or something like that) and interview the manager and a player-guest one night a week….it would be nice to see a TV format in association with one of the TV stations but the Radio would work too. You can learn more about the team, and they can talk about the current week of games and get to know the manager and players better….TV could do a 20 minute show that would air like after the news on Saturday or Sunday night. Just an idea…the media people are fantastic to work with here….just a thought.


That’s a great idea. We’re working on a few things that I think will make you very happy, but I can’t talk about them too much yet. There should also be lots of video interviews with players and coaches posted throughout the season on this blog as well!

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