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Micah Johnson update 7/2

Only 16 days until the Voyagers will be giving away Micah Johnson Garden Gnomes to the first 750 fans in attendance on their July 18 game against Orem.  In honor of the giveaway, we here at Voyagers Vision will be tracking Micah’s progress with Low-A Kannapolis.  Be sure to check in each day for updates on the 2013 South Atlantic League All-Star game MVP.


Monday July 1: Kannapolis 8, Augusta 6

Johnson Watch: Micah was given the night off in the Intimidators win on Monday night.  The 2012 Voyagers has only sat out three games this season.



Obviously not much to update today, so check back tomorrow,  and stay on the lookout for Garden Gnome Micah!

Micah Johnson Garden Gnome Countdown

In honor of the 2012 Voyagers second baseman, ACE Hardware and the Voyagers will be giving away Micah Johnson garden gnomes to the first 750 fans on Thursday July 18 when Great Falls hosts Orem.  From now until the day of the giveaway, we here at Voyagers Vision will give you daily updates on Johnson–who currently leads all of Minor League Baseball with 61 stolen bases for Low A Kannapolis.  On the season, Johnson is batting .342 through 77 games for the Intimidators–which is the third highest mark in the South Atlantic League.  He was named to the 2013 SAL All-Star game and was bestowed the honor of the game’s MVP, as he stole two bases and scored the winning run for the North Division in the 2-1 victory.  Johnson is also first in the league with 76 runs scored, 104 hits and 11 triples.  The 2012 White Sox ninth round draft pick out of Indiana also ranks third in the league with an OBP of .422.  In his one year with Great Falls, Johnson hit .273 with four homers and 25 RBI.  He also stole 19 bases and legged out five triples in 69 games.  Be sure to check back every day for Micah Johnson updates, and who knows, you might even get a sneak peak of Garden Gnome Micah Johnson—-if you’re lucky!

Tonight, Johnson and Kannapolis will host Augusta at 5:05.

Voyager Vision

PDsu6sCrWhy hello there Voyagers fans!  Hard to believe that we are just about two months away from the start of the 2013 season, as the June 20th opener in Billings is right around the corner.  With the excitement continuing to build here in Great Falls, be sure to check out Voyager Vision for all things Great Falls Voyagers.  Voyager Vision has you covered with updates on former Voyagers with the daily “Farm Report,” and it will also be your hot spot for any Chicago White Sox draft news.  And once the season is underway, Voyager Vision will be the place for exclusive interviews with players and manager Pete Rose Jr., a weekly podcast and much more.  There’s only 73 days until the Voyagers begin their quest for a Pioneer League championship–be sure to check out Voyager Vision daily for everything you need to know about your hometown team.

3-2-1 BLASTOFF!!!

Hey Voyagers fans! TGIF! We apologize we haven’t updated the blog in a few days. It’s been a little busy around here to say the least with the season starting next week. Hopefully you’re just as thrilled as we are to hit the ground running!

Excitement is in the air – only three more days until the opening day of the season and only five more days until the home opener! The hustle and bustle continues as we anxiously await the players’ arrival on Saturday night. They’re flying in from Glendale, Arizona and will stay in a hotel that night. Sunday morning they’ll get acquainted with host families and go straight to work out here at Centene Stadium. Their itinerary includes batting practice, fielding, individual and team pictures and pre-season housekeeping. Stop on by the ballpark (and bring your Dad!) for the FREE Voyagers Blast Off from noon – 2pm Sunday afternoon to meet the new 2012 squad, get autographs, see Orbit, play catch on the field, enjoy full concessions food and drink and get the first chance to check out the new Voyagers merchandise. We hope to see all you dedicated Voyagers fans out there, it will to be a great time!

Defer to the Draft

Hey Voyagers fans,

Usually I’d have offered you a Monday Minors Recap by now, but with all the craziness going on at the draft, the attention in the world of minor league baseball is simply diverted elsewhere. I will keep you updated on the movings and shakings of the rest of the system (Kannapolis lost last night for the the first time in 10 days, Charlotte is now in first place, the Dash are still sailing along) shortly, but with so many new draftees immediately becoming Voyagers, we’ve been focusing our attention in that direction.

Make sure to check out the official team twitter, visible in the right sidebar of this blog, for all the live updates from the draft. The Third and final day of the draft is underway today, and many, many players will be selected, so it’s worth keeping an eye on.

You can also check out our team Facebook page, also accessible on the right, because I’ve been posting a few great links to White Sox publications that are breaking down the team’s draft selections. and also have great live coverage of the event, if you want your info firsthand.

Enjoy the excitement of the day. It’s a huge day in the lives of many young athletes and our first chance to hear many of the names we’ll be cheering in the next few months. Enjoy!

Picture Perfect

Happy Friday, ya’ll. Happy first of June as well. We’re officially in the month of when our season starts. It’s about time!

Below are a few pictures I took throughout the week. Here’s Orbit saying hi to all the kids and parents at the Little
League game on Tuesday; the field with tarps out to prepare for ominous rain clouds in the distance; and a picture of the
on-going construction being done outside the park.

Kelly’s Korner: Memorial Day


Memorial Day Weekend!


Cheers to the three day weekend, Voyager fans! Most of us know Memorial Day weekend as the unofficial start of summer. And there’s no doubt that it is! Ladies are in big hats and sun dresses and men are in shorts and golf shoes. But let us please all remember the real reason for the federal holiday of Memorial Day. Once a year, on this extended weekend, we honor the men and women who lost their lives while serving this great nation of ours. On Monday, May 28th, we remember, salute and pay tribute to those brave men and women. Let us give thanks to them and the ultimate sacrifice that they made.


Everyone have a fun, safe and relaxing weekend! Let’s cross our fingers for sunshine so we can all get outside and play!

Kelly’s Korner: Weddings, Girl Scouts and Concerts OH MY!

Good Afternoon Voyagers Fans and Happy Friday! Here’s a quick read about a few events happening at Centene Stadium this summer.

First of all, big congratulations to Jason Oatman and Alexis (soon to be Oatman!) who are getting married at the ballpark tomorrow afternoon! The bride and groom and fellow party members will be getting ready in their respective locker rooms and the ceremony is taking place on the pitching mound. Talk about dedicated baseball fans! We’re all crossing our fingers that the weather holds out for the happy couple, their friends and family.

Many people don’t know this but Centene Stadium is used for much more than just baseball. It’s a full on venue that can be utilized for just about anything in Great Falls. We’ve got 300 Girl Scouts coming out here for a 100 year celebration sleepover, different organizations hold their meetings in the suites, we host receptions of all kinds and give tours and serve lunch to all sorts of groups.

One new way we’re using Centene Stadium as a venue for outside events is by hosting the 1st annual Brewfest at the Ballpark this July. We’re pretty excited to have Wurlitzer, The Cold Hard Cash Show (AWESOME Johnny Cash cover band!), and headlining act Eddie Money here to entertain folks as they sip, gulp and chug their tasty, ice cold beverages. As you can see, you name a function to be had here at Centene and I’m pretty sure we can make it happen.

Another event we’re having here this summer is a Go Green! Night in late August. The idea is to “green out” the crowd and have fans wear their green Voyagers gear. In addition, The Voyagers and Pacific Steel & Recycling are teaming up to help teach people the easy day-to-day ways to “go green.” Whether that’s riding a bike; recycling newspapers, cardboard, household appliances and metal scraps; or shopping with a reusable tote bag, Go Green! Night is all about making the Great Falls community an even healthier and environmentally friendly place to live.

Alright, I’m off for a bite to eat at Good Eats. Great sandwiches (with a cookie!), friendly service and there’s always a Tribune to keep you company. Cheers!

Kelly’s Korner: Break Time!

Lunch. The break you need. It splits up the sometimes monotonous day, allows one to refresh his/her spirits and regain that much needed energy needed to ride it out until five o’clock. But a whole hour? What does one do for a whole hour?

From my previous jobs, I’m used to 15 or 30 minute lunches. An hour just seems luxurious. Often times I need to find things to fill my time. In my short two months here in Great Falls, here is my lunch hour Top 10 activities:

10)Take a power nap

9)Go to the bank

8)Map out what I need to do for the rest of the day

7)Read the paper

6)Make long overdue phone calls

5)Go home and make lunch with my roommate(s)

4)Run errands

3)CrossFit group class

2)Go for a run on the River’s Edge Trail

1) Go to 3-D International Lounge with Chad Swift. Great Mongolian Barbecue. My favorite lunch spot in town!

I look at this list and I can’t help but think, “man, I’m getting older.” Lunch used to be filled with fruit snacks and juice boxes. Now it’s mostly filled with things I schedule in to make the rest of my day run smoothly and on track. Since when did spare time become filled with efficiency and productivity?! It’s lunch break, not lunch to-do list!

I will admit though, it’s nice to have an hour for lunch. I find myself getting in my workouts during the day when I have energy as opposed to when I’m pooped in the evening. I can catch up with friends and run errands so that when I do have free time later in the day, I utilize it for NOTHING – the art of leisure. As things start to really pick up here now
that we’re only about five weeks out until the season starts, it will be interesting to see what lunch breaks consist of when I’m working 60+ hour work weeks.

On a different note, I met with the Get Fit Great Falls committee (a community based organization dedicated to creating opportunities for people to make healthy choices conducive to an active lifestyle) last week and it’s official: every Friday Night when you ride your bike to the ballpark, you’ll receive a discounted ticket!!! I am so elated to get
this promotion up and running with the help of Get Fit Great Falls! They’re an energetic and active group and with the Voyagers new partnership with them, we’ll be able to give people the opportunity to make healthy (and fun!) choices here in Great Falls!

So if you’re one to take up the good news about Bike to the Ballpark, hop on your bike next week for Bike to Work Week. Put on your bright yellow gear and load up those panniers on the side of your bike. It’s time to Go Green and put those legs in motion!

Until next week, my friends…

Centene Stadium’s Big Dig

Upgrading Centene Stadium has been a huge priority for the Great Falls Baseball Club for the last few years, and this year is no different. Of course, the biggest renovations came several years ago, and the team hasn’t stopped upgrades since. It’s all happening to make the fan experience at Voyagers games the best that it can be.

This year’s main project is actually happening just outside the ballpark. Voyager brass decided the grounds around the park were a little too plain, so the team is investing in improved landscaping for Centene’s exterior. It isn’t a mere matter of tossing down some new grass seed and pulling up weeds: we brought in the big equipment.

These two machines were only half of the heavy lifting that showed up bright and early today and got to work. Already, they’ve got everything all torn up so they can prepare the ground for what’s to come. Don’t worry: the final plans don’t involve a big dirt pile. I know it’s tough to imagine the final look based on a picture of backhoes and gravel. To give you an idea of the plans, here’s a the team’s drawing of the final result.

As you can see, new grass, new trees, and a variety of living landscape features are all part of the new exterior for Centene. Obviously, the best part of Voyagers games is what’s happening inside the stadium, but a great walkup really contributes to the feel of a ballpark, and these new changes are going to help keep the Voyagers at the top of the class.