Kelly’s Korner: Break Time!

Lunch. The break you need. It splits up the sometimes monotonous day, allows one to refresh his/her spirits and regain that much needed energy needed to ride it out until five o’clock. But a whole hour? What does one do for a whole hour?

From my previous jobs, I’m used to 15 or 30 minute lunches. An hour just seems luxurious. Often times I need to find things to fill my time. In my short two months here in Great Falls, here is my lunch hour Top 10 activities:

10)Take a power nap

9)Go to the bank

8)Map out what I need to do for the rest of the day

7)Read the paper

6)Make long overdue phone calls

5)Go home and make lunch with my roommate(s)

4)Run errands

3)CrossFit group class

2)Go for a run on the River’s Edge Trail

1) Go to 3-D International Lounge with Chad Swift. Great Mongolian Barbecue. My favorite lunch spot in town!

I look at this list and I can’t help but think, “man, I’m getting older.” Lunch used to be filled with fruit snacks and juice boxes. Now it’s mostly filled with things I schedule in to make the rest of my day run smoothly and on track. Since when did spare time become filled with efficiency and productivity?! It’s lunch break, not lunch to-do list!

I will admit though, it’s nice to have an hour for lunch. I find myself getting in my workouts during the day when I have energy as opposed to when I’m pooped in the evening. I can catch up with friends and run errands so that when I do have free time later in the day, I utilize it for NOTHING – the art of leisure. As things start to really pick up here now
that we’re only about five weeks out until the season starts, it will be interesting to see what lunch breaks consist of when I’m working 60+ hour work weeks.

On a different note, I met with the Get Fit Great Falls committee (a community based organization dedicated to creating opportunities for people to make healthy choices conducive to an active lifestyle) last week and it’s official: every Friday Night when you ride your bike to the ballpark, you’ll receive a discounted ticket!!! I am so elated to get
this promotion up and running with the help of Get Fit Great Falls! They’re an energetic and active group and with the Voyagers new partnership with them, we’ll be able to give people the opportunity to make healthy (and fun!) choices here in Great Falls!

So if you’re one to take up the good news about Bike to the Ballpark, hop on your bike next week for Bike to Work Week. Put on your bright yellow gear and load up those panniers on the side of your bike. It’s time to Go Green and put those legs in motion!

Until next week, my friends…


I will be walking a mile to every home game. I can’t ride a bike.That’s ok though, I am going to be in the Booster Club.

We look forward to having you at the ballpark and your involvement ini the Booster Club! 🙂 Thank you!

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