Centene Stadium’s Big Dig

Upgrading Centene Stadium has been a huge priority for the Great Falls Baseball Club for the last few years, and this year is no different. Of course, the biggest renovations came several years ago, and the team hasn’t stopped upgrades since. It’s all happening to make the fan experience at Voyagers games the best that it can be.

This year’s main project is actually happening just outside the ballpark. Voyager brass decided the grounds around the park were a little too plain, so the team is investing in improved landscaping for Centene’s exterior. It isn’t a mere matter of tossing down some new grass seed and pulling up weeds: we brought in the big equipment.

These two machines were only half of the heavy lifting that showed up bright and early today and got to work. Already, they’ve got everything all torn up so they can prepare the ground for what’s to come. Don’t worry: the final plans don’t involve a big dirt pile. I know it’s tough to imagine the final look based on a picture of backhoes and gravel. To give you an idea of the plans, here’s a the team’s drawing of the final result.

As you can see, new grass, new trees, and a variety of living landscape features are all part of the new exterior for Centene. Obviously, the best part of Voyagers games is what’s happening inside the stadium, but a great walkup really contributes to the feel of a ballpark, and these new changes are going to help keep the Voyagers at the top of the class.

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