Kelly’s Korner: Weddings, Girl Scouts and Concerts OH MY!

Good Afternoon Voyagers Fans and Happy Friday! Here’s a quick read about a few events happening at Centene Stadium this summer.

First of all, big congratulations to Jason Oatman and Alexis (soon to be Oatman!) who are getting married at the ballpark tomorrow afternoon! The bride and groom and fellow party members will be getting ready in their respective locker rooms and the ceremony is taking place on the pitching mound. Talk about dedicated baseball fans! We’re all crossing our fingers that the weather holds out for the happy couple, their friends and family.

Many people don’t know this but Centene Stadium is used for much more than just baseball. It’s a full on venue that can be utilized for just about anything in Great Falls. We’ve got 300 Girl Scouts coming out here for a 100 year celebration sleepover, different organizations hold their meetings in the suites, we host receptions of all kinds and give tours and serve lunch to all sorts of groups.

One new way we’re using Centene Stadium as a venue for outside events is by hosting the 1st annual Brewfest at the Ballpark this July. We’re pretty excited to have Wurlitzer, The Cold Hard Cash Show (AWESOME Johnny Cash cover band!), and headlining act Eddie Money here to entertain folks as they sip, gulp and chug their tasty, ice cold beverages. As you can see, you name a function to be had here at Centene and I’m pretty sure we can make it happen.

Another event we’re having here this summer is a Go Green! Night in late August. The idea is to “green out” the crowd and have fans wear their green Voyagers gear. In addition, The Voyagers and Pacific Steel & Recycling are teaming up to help teach people the easy day-to-day ways to “go green.” Whether that’s riding a bike; recycling newspapers, cardboard, household appliances and metal scraps; or shopping with a reusable tote bag, Go Green! Night is all about making the Great Falls community an even healthier and environmentally friendly place to live.

Alright, I’m off for a bite to eat at Good Eats. Great sandwiches (with a cookie!), friendly service and there’s always a Tribune to keep you company. Cheers!

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