Friday Fun-time: Introducing Kelly’s Korner

It’s Friday, so it’s time for many Voyagers fans to wind down after a long week. So Today I’m happy to announce the first of what will be several ongoing features on this blog: Kelly’s Korner. Voyager intern Kelly Wombacher will be joining me on the blog every Friday for a little grab bag of entertaining weekend baseball talk.

One thing Kelly will be doing a lot is going out and visiting various restaurants and businesses in Great Falls and doing a write-up on her time there. It’s not going to be a series of formal restaurant reviews – we’re going to keep things fun and low-key for this feature. We also plan to do some videos of what the ballpark looks like as it gets set up for baseball as the season draws near.

Here’s a few words from Kelly to introduce herself:

Hello Voyagers Fans and welcome to Kelly’s Korner! I’m one of the four new interns here for the summer and will be your host every Friday for some kick-your-feet-up, laid back commentary. I’m very excited to be a part of the Voyagers staff this year to push my boundaries and challenge myself in a professional setting and most importantly, to be involved with baseball day-in-and-day-out.

A little about me: I’m originally from Pleasant Hill, California in the Bay Area where I grew up playing every sport you could imagine. Thanks to my Dad, older brother and sports enthusiast friends, I also attended about every Oakland Athletics game that I could.  To be close to my relatives over in Northern Idaho, I came out to Montana in 2005 to attend the UM (Go Griz!). There I picked up the sport of rugby and eventually found a great niche on campus. I was fortunate to make a great group of buddies that are actually all from Great Falls, who helped me get along in a new place. From on campus activities to my off campus jobs with Missoula Parks and Rec and Recreational Equipment Inc., I immersed myself in everything that is Montana – fly fishing, skiing, rock climbing, kayaking, hiking, camping, etc. I’m excited to continue my passions with athletics here in Great Falls by being one of the assistant coaches of the new high school girls rugby team, doing a lot of crossfit , and having access to all the great rivers east of the divide (where I hear the big fish hide).

I’m definitely looking forward to seeing Kelly’s version of the lighter side of the Voyagers this season!

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Hey, sounds interesting. Looking forward to hearing from her. Go V’s.

Griz fan.

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