Kelly’s Korner: Centene Upgrades and Fun Around Town

Welcome Back to another Friday on ‘the Volume,’ and that means another edition of Kelly’s Korner! Kelly has lots of fun tidbits this week including several pieces of news on the latest improvements to Centene Stadium. As we promised before, she also has checked out a few of the restaurants in Great Falls over the last couple of weeks, and she talks about a couple of her favorites. I’ll be back on Monday for your weekly Monday Minors Recap. Here’s Kelly!

Hello All,
With this springtime 55 degree weather outside and the ballpark starting to come to life after a long winter, things are starting to fall into place for the 2012 Voyagers season. I just got word of two new Centene Stadium renovations and installations to happen ASAP: landscaping to be done near the main entrance and a new bike rack to be placed by the Box Office. These improvements will be welcomed with open arms seeing as how the front of the stadium now consists of dirt and gravel and there’s no way to keep bikes secure.

I am particularily excited about the new bike rack! Moving from Missoula, where people ride their bike everywhere and even transport their children and dogs with them, it’s taking me a while to adjust to a more motor vehicle oriented Great Falls. The streets are easier to navigate here but things are more spread out, thus making it less convenient to commute on bike. With that said, I’m hoping that our new bike rack at the stadium will entice folks to strap on a helmet, clip on their reflecting light and ride on out to the games. Who knows…on a Thirsty Thursday with plenty of empty $2 domestic beer cans (what a deal!) in front of you , your bike could be your new best friend. Needless to say, I’m excited for the additions to Centene to get underway and excited for the challenge to see how many days I can ride my bike to the ballpark.
On a different note, I had the pleasure of two nice afternoons experiencing the cuisine of Great Falls. My friend Jeff suggested Boston’s Pizza for lunch. Other than the Masters on TV and my delightfully tasty fries (that surely rival those of McDonalds!), the best part about Boston’s was that they have people open the doors for you when you enter and exit the restaurant. How’s that for service?! It’s not every day you feel like royalty! My friend Derrick and I found ourselves at the Staggering Ox downtown a few days later, where I had the ever popular “Nuke” three-meat sandwich. Imagine a circular, mini loaf of bread hollowed out in the middle for all the fixins. Voila! That’s an Ox sando! With names like “Chernobyl Melt Down,” “Headbanger’s Hoagie,” and “The Beastie” you can tell the employees have fun where they work.
Well folks, I’m off to enjoy the weekend. Hopefully the sun keeps shining so I can get out on the River’s Edge Trail. Don’t forget to dust off that old Ouija Board – It’s Friday the 13th. Have a great and safe weekend!

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