Visitors at the Ballpark!

We had a little fun at the ballpark yesterday that reminded everybody what enjoying baseball is all about. The great folks at the Head Start program in Vaughn brought their preschoolers out to Centene Stadium yesterday for a tour of the park and lunch. Voyager concessions manager and pro-level tour guide Sarah Connors brought them around the park and showed the kids all the best spots of the park. Sarah walked them through all the best parts of the hall of fame, the press box, the concession stands, and the field itself.

The field itself definitely looked like the most fun part. After getting to sit in the dugouts just like the players, Sarah took the kids out for a run around the bases. After that, it was a little trip down the right field line for a shot in the batting cages. All the kids got a few swings at the same tees the Voyagers use. As you can see, there were a few major sluggers among the group.

All the kids had worked up quite an appetite after all that running and hitting, so the staff fired up the grill and got some lunch ready. What better food for the ballpark than a hot dog and chips?

All in all, it looked like the kids had a great time! They were our first tour group of the year, but there is lots of room for more coming up. Sarah is ready with different tours for different ages and groups, and all the plans are very affordable. To be honest, I’d be impressed by ANYBODY who can just give that many kids lunch for what the tour cost, and we gave them lunch AND a fun day at the ballpark! All you have to do to schedule a tour is call us at (406) 452-5311.

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