Promo A Go-Go

As you may have already seen on, our twitter (@gfvoyagers), or the team Facebook page, the team announced the sale of single-game seats earlier today. The sale starts on Friday morning at 9 am and occurs all over the place. You can check the link for more, but basically you can call us (452-5311), visit the stadium, buy online, or buy on Facebook. I think the Facebook option is especially cool, and not just because I set it up. It’s a great way to integrate what you’re hearing about online with a way to quickly pick up whatever tickets you might want.

When you’re deciding what games to go to, one of the most important things to do is check out our promotional schedule. Not everything is on the schedule yet, and we’re constantly adding more stuff, but it’s already got a great list of special events almost every night. I thought I’d make a quick guide to hit on my favorite promotions so you can know when to pick up your tickets.

June 20 and 21: Opening Weekend, and the specials are just crazy. Obviously, and Voyager is going to want to be at the park just to see baseball, but all kinds of stuff is going on. There will be all sorts of ceremonies to celebrate the Voyager 2011 championship, and the giveaways are off the charts. On the June 20 opening day game, Howard’s Pizza magnet schedules, Ace Hardware “Wooden Nickels” – which are basically fancy gift cards worth $5 at Ace – and postgame fireworks are going to make things crazy. Game two on June 21 has maybe the coolest promo of the year: Carnahan Towing Kid’s Season Ticket T-shirts. Kids will be given a Carnahan Towing special T-Shirt. If they wear that shirt to any game for the rest of the season they get in for FREE. How’s THAT for a great promo? Free season tickets for kids!

June 25: Montana Angus Beef night. Here’s a delicious one: burgers are only $2 all night.

June 30: Free tickets for active military members as we honor our heroes!

July 4: All Voyager fans know this is a CRAZY night at the park. With over 6,000 people out for the game, it’s THE event of the day in Great Falls. Also, it’s important to remember that your 10-packs DON’T WORK ON THIS DAY. This is the one day all regular season where that is true. So if you’re a big Voyager fan and have a 10-pack or two, make sure to remember to pick up your seats for this game separately.

July 21: Ace Hardware Hat Night. A baseball classic. The perfect free apparel for the Voyager fan.

August 7: Sutherland’s Jewelry Diamond Dig. I’ve seen diamond dig nights before in other ballparks, and I think it’s just about one of the funniest promos out there. Before the game, our intrepid groundskeeper will bury a real diamond somewhere in the field’s dirt. After the game, the women of Great Falls will be armed with little spades and given free rein to dig in search of the precious gem. It’s a great friendly competition every year.

August 23: Quality Life Concepts Jersey Bag Night. Some people call them “sackpacks.” It’s those little duffel bags with drawstrings that double to keep the top of the bag closed and to sling over your shoulder like a backpack. I use them all the time for gym bags, but they also make the perfect lunch boxes, pool bag, overnight bag, carry-on, sporty purse… you get the idea. The Voyager ones are really high quality and cool, so this is a great pickup. It might be the giveaway I’m most excited about.

August 27: All Seasons Spas and Stoves Hot Tub Giveaway. Ok, I might have lied about the Jersey bag giveaway being the one I was most excited about. All Seasons Spas and Stoves is really upping the ante this year by bringing out a deluxe hot tub to the ballpark. Everybody will get a chance to look at it, but only one lucky fan will walk away with this beauty at the end of the game. That’s about as big ticker of an item as you’re going to be seen given away at a minor league ballpark.

August 30: BioLife Plasma Services Bobblehead Giveaway. Another total classic. I love collecting bobbleheads from around baseball, and this year’s doll promises to be another Voyager classic. I’ve seen the orbit bobblehead from last year, and it’s one of the cooler mascot bobbles I’ve seen. I can’t reveal the specific plans for who will be featured on this year’s bobblehead, but the staff is already working hard to outdo itself. This won’t be one to miss.

September 4: It’s the last game of the year and fan appreciation day! I can’t reveal all the specifics here yet, but Voyager fans always know there are great things to expect at the end for the Voyagers.

Remember, these are just my few favorites. Definitely check out the promotions page for more special events, plus nights like Sip ‘N Dip Lounge Thirsty Thursdays, McDonald’s We Win You Win Mondays, and all the other events. Then you can get online first thing Friday morning and grab up all the best seats to all the best games right away!

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