Spring is Here!

Voyagers fans, are you excited about the return of major league baseball tonight?! It’s two time zones, 3,000 miles, and like 7 climate zones away from Great Falls, from the Marlins open up against the world champ Cardinals in Miami tonight, and the world will be a little bit brighter for the next 7 month non-stop.

Even though we have to wait a little bit longer in Great Falls, there are signs of spring here too. The delightfully warm weather has brought a slight greening of the nature around town, so today Voyager groundskeeper Billy decided it was time to put the playing surface at Centene Stadium through its paces. What does that mean? It means it’s time to get this grass as green as a baseball field deserves.

So it may be early, at it may be the very first sprinkling of the season, but enjoy these pictures, Voyagers fans. Enjoy these pictures of the ballfield and dream, because the Voyagers defense of their championship isn’t very far off. We’re getting the field ready already.

There’s lots of stuff that needs to be done to get this field and those sprinklers ready. Namely, they have to be turned on slowly lest the the air that has sneaked inside over the winter should cause the whole thing to explode. Sounded like quite the sight to me, but probably too expensive to really get behind. Now that we can water the field, Billy can start to fertilize, and this grass should be ready for ballplayers to trod across it in no time. That green field is going to be an incredible sight…

As promised yesterday, the ongoing feature on the progress of former Voyagers up the White Sox system WILL continue tomorrow. I thought the excitement of the field getting ready and the big leagues starting their play was too much to pass up for one day, but Winston-Salem, Birmingham, and Charlotte will get their attention on these pages soon.

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It will always be Legion Field to those of us that grew up there… Tell Billy C. his god daughters momma says hi from Hawaii!!!!

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