Kelly’s Korner: Ironic Spring

Looking out the window, the snow falling down across Great Falls is really putting the lie to my idea of the start of spring from Wednesday’s post. Oh well, such is life about the 40th parallel. Kelly had similar thoughts about spring as well. Today, we sure need them. So here’s this week’s Kelly’s Korner expanding upon my Wednesday thoughts on the coming onset of spring.

On February 2nd, the Groundhog told us it was going to be a long winter, another six weeks of winter in fact. In Montana, we believe that to be true. Winter drags on, skies can be gloomy, and on the occasion when the sun shines its rays, we savor them like a found treasure. Snow seems to just keep falling through April and people still backcountry ski through July. But now that April 5th, 2012 marked the opening day of baseball… it’s officially springtime folks!!! Sunflower seeds, hot dogs, and ice cold beverages. Home runs, double plays, and strike outs. The time has come for what we’ve all been waiting for and now the grass is finally greener on our, baseball lover’s, side of the fence! Speaking of green grass, Billy our head groundskeeper, is a busy man with irrigation maintenance, fertilizing and tending to the outfield with a green thumb. Not only is he gearing up for the approaching Voyagers season but he also upkeeps the field for the three American Legion teams in Great Falls: the Stallions, the Class A Electrics and Class AA Chargers. Their seasons starts April 21st and all home games are played at Centene Stadium. So in preparation for use of the ball field, we did a little rain dance in the office. But beware and consider the words of the wise from Billy, “I did a little rain dance, put one too many steps in it, and it snowed.”

Have a great weekend and a Happy Easter, everyone. Cheers to baseball season!

A couple of quick notes before I wish you a happy Easter weekend: The oft-promised review of the rest of the White Sox system WILL come your way. It may result in a double post day on Monday, or it may simply result in my expect Monday feature having it’s maiden post delayed until Tuesday. we shall see.

Until then, happy Easter weekend everybody!

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